Integrating training into a rewards and recognition platform increases engagement within your fleet and leads to safer drivers. In addition to our research-informed industry training, we are happy to integrate your content: companies who have done this have seen engagement double within the first quarter.

  • Research-Informed Safety Training

    We have partnered with Luma to create a training program that integrates the latest in effective learning strategies. We are more than just a rewards and retention platform: we want to improve the industry as a whole.

  • High Engagement Levels

    Safety content in a rewards and recognition platform is a natural fit. As we build training modules, we look at new regulations or consistent industry problems so everything is CSA related and highly relevant.

  • Engaging Content

    Our training content includes videos, quizzes and elements of game-play. We have looked at what works when maintaining the attention and focus of adult learners and brought it into training content specific to our industry.

  • Rewarded and Recognized

    When a driver completes a module, their effort is instantly recognized with a personalized email and an increase in reward points. The rewards platform incentivizes drivers to start the training, but the engaging content keeps their attention through the end.

  • Individualized Safety Records

    When drivers log in to the system they can see a personalized record of all the training they have completed while with your company and the reward points they have accumulated along the way.

Case Study

With a fleet of nearly 1,000 drivers, one company came to us with low engagement in their quarterly safety training content.  Only 19% of drivers were completing the training.  We took their content and by simply integrating the videos into our rewards program, we doubled their engagement levels to 38% the first quarter.  With some modification to the incentive structure and integrating a contest strategy, we helped this company increase to a consistent 75% of drivers who complete both the training and the quiz.