Rewards have been known to significantly impact loyalty in a retail environment. We’ve learned from the best programs about what works and have created a driver retention and reward program.

  • Platform for Recognition

    Drivers earn points and choose their own rewards based on what they want: Kindles, iPads, flat-Screen TVs, chainsaws, children’s toys, we have over 4,000 options to choose from.

  • Scheduled, Low Maintenance

    Our system runs itself. We integrate the training content. We award the points instantly and automatically. Rewards are sent out without carriers needing to do anything.

  • Branded and Customizable

    When drivers interact with the platform, the website is branded with your logo. The reward catalog can include company branded apparel and merchandise, helping you develop company pride within your fleet.

  • Personalized Rewards

    Buying a stack of gifts or store credit to local retailers takes time and fails to acknowledge the needs ands wants of each individual driver. The Stay Metrics platform lets each driver decide what their reward is going to be.

  • Safety Integration

    When carriers bring their safety content to our platform and rewards the engagement, driver participation doubles. Alongside our research-informed industry training, you’ll see high safety records and better drivers.

  • Satisfied Drivers

    Every driver has their own page where they can log in and see their history of rewarded activities, completed safety trainings and current point balance. It’s a visual record of their recognition with that carrier and an obvious indication that a carrier values their fleet.

  • Quick Feedback

    When a driver completes a safety training component or earns points, they instantly see their balance increase and receive an email confirmation.

  • Case Study

    Drivers appreciate being recognized and rewarded for their efforts.  We were recently contacted by a driver who was moving to a different region of the country and so he had to leave his current carrier.  He wanted a list of companies in his new region that used our platform with their drivers.  He knew that he wanted to work somewhere that was committed to creating a culture where he would feel valued.

    And thank you so much for the 10,000 points for my 30 months of service! 30 months that I wouldn’t trade for anything. So many positive changes have happened in my life since I came here, and it is only getting better day by day.