When drivers have a personalized record of the rewards and recognition they have received from your company, they can quickly and easily see that they are working for a carrier with a driver-focused culture.

  • Higher safety engagement

    Integrating rewards and incentives into safety training increases engagement levels and the engaging content we provide leads to an overall safer fleet of drivers.

  • Drivers are happy

    Being able to choose between children’s toys, kitchen appliances, electronics and thousands of other options lets drivers pick the rewards that suit them and their family.

  • 90% driver engagement first year

    Our rewards and recognition platform leads to drivers that engage more in the behaviors that their companies prioritize - everything from better paperwork, safety training and providing useful feedback for the company.

  • Improved Retention

    Integrating our platform focuses your company on retention and retention practices. Our carriers see an average increase in retention of 9% - some see as high as a 38% increase in driver retention.

  • Fleet Growth

    Carriers using our platform have found that the results of improved retention leads to overall fleet growth, using a “save one, recruit one” approach. As people in the industry know, each driver can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

  • Information-Based Decision Making

    Because we are asking about the things that matter to drivers, they provide valuable feedback in satisfaction surveys and exit interviews. This information helps you create retention and recruiting strategies that respond to current needs and industry practices.

  • Continually Refined Assessment Tools

    Because we are capturing data across the industry, we are able to identify the data points that indicate hotspots ready for change. We are constantly modifying our tools based on what we are learning and what we are hearing from drivers.

  • Case Study

    An earlier carrier to Stay Metrics struggled with a 56% turnover.  After implementing our rewards and recognition platform, they have brought that down to 51%.  Because they were still recruiting and onboarding the same number of drivers as before, they were able to increase their fleet by more than 200 drivers.  As a result, they have seen their revenue increase substantially.

    Just had to mention that the rewards programs has saved a lot of money on Christmas and birthday presents already! Again, thanks for a program we can all achieve, and rewards we can use! You make me look like the hero again!