Stay Metrics Releases New Online Reporting Tools for Driver Survey Products

New version of web portal gives insights for preventing early turnover

South Bend, IN. October 3 — Stay Metrics, the leading provider of evidence-based driver feedback, engagement, training and retention solutions, announces the latest version of its client-facing web portal and new reporting tools that give motor carriers actionable insights for preventing early driver turnover.

Ongoing research by Stay Metrics shows that 57 percent of newly hired drivers quit their carriers within the first 180 days of employment. Of these drivers, about 35 percent leave within the first 90 days.

As a neutral third party, Stay Metrics administers a suite of Driver Survey products for carriers during critical timepoints for new drivers, approximately 7 and 45 days after their hire date. The updated Stay Metrics Reportal, Version 1.2, gives carriers full visibility to individual driver survey responses through easy-to-use reporting tools that identify drivers with an elevated risk of leaving.

“One of our core values at Stay Metrics is to ‘never quit getting better.’ Through gathering feedback and suggestions from our clients, we have developed innovative reporting tools and actionable insights for preventing early driver turnover,” said Tim Hindes, co-founder and CEO of Stay Metrics.

The Orientation Surveys serve as an early warning system by sending immediate email alerts to carriers if driver responses to questions in the 7-Day and 45-Day surveys fall outside predefined ranges.

Through gathering feedback and suggestions from our clients, we have developed innovative reporting tools and actionable insights for preventing early driver turnover.

With the new reporting tools, Stay Metrics’ clients are able to select a report (Day 7, Day 45 or Exit Survey) and date range to view individual driver responses. Selecting a 45-Day report shows comparative data for drivers that took both the 7-Day and 45-Day surveys to identify any changes in attitudes or perceptions towards their jobs based on early experiences.

The report shows driver responses to a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question and the average NPS score of the report group. Responses to Likert Scale-style questions show a value of 1 to 5 that represent levels of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

The new reporting uses color-coding to identify areas where responses show improvement or decline from the 7-Day to the 45-Day surveys. Users also can view transcribed comments from drivers to any question.

“The 7-Day survey is an effective way to measure if recruiters are setting realistic expectations for drivers and the quality of the orientation experience. The 45-Day survey identifies areas of early disconnect and job dissatisfaction,” explains Hindes.

“NPS scores are a measure of whether or not carriers are meeting driver expectations. Analysis of our collective survey data show that drivers with higher NPS scores at 45 days are leaving their carriers at half the rate (19 percent) of drivers that lower their scores between the 7-Day and 45-Day surveys,” he continues.

About Stay Metrics
Stay Metrics is the leading provider of evidence-based driver feedback, engagement, training, and retention solutions for the transportation industry. Stay Metrics helps trucking companies engage, reward and keep their best drivers.

Stay Metrics’ industry-leading suite of driver-lifecycle feedback interviews and surveys, combined with advanced data analytics, helps carriers understand driver behaviors and attitudes related to driver retention. Stay Metrics offers a unique custom-branded loyalty rewards program to recognize driver performance on key metrics. The engagement platform also serves as a communication and resources hub for drivers, in addition to supporting DRIVE SAFE and DRIVE FIT training modules. Stay Metrics is based at Innovation Park at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN.

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