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Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ)

Aiming for retention: keeping drivers engaged

published on May 22, 2017

As would be expected, driver recruiting and retention strategies are often built on three pillars: home time, respect and pay…Driver surveys are another tool fleets use to improve retention. Taking a survey may not be inherently satisfying, but the opportunity to provide feedback can be a rewarding experience for drivers if they know management sincerely […]

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Fleet Owner

Carriers take note: Men and women drivers quit for very different reasons

published on May 4, 2017

Men leave their carriers mostly because of a lack of home time. Women leave because they don’t feel comfortable in their rigs or believe their equipment may break down….In a recently-released annual survey study about driver turnover, men and women drivers showed many diverse reasons for leaving their companies although they shared some of the […]

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Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT)

Women and Men Leave Truck Driving Jobs for Different Reasons

published on April 20, 2017

A turnover survey of women truck drivers has found that dissatisfaction with tractors topped a list of reasons why they leave a motor carrier. That’s according to an annual survey conducted by Stay Metrics…“We consistently find that women drivers expect to be paid the same, to have equal opportunities, and to be treated with the […]

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Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ)

New research shows turnover predictors for women drivers

published on April 18, 2017

Stay Metrics, providers of an evidence-based driver engagement, research, and analytics platform that enables motor carriers to retain more of their best drivers, announces the results of a study on the turnover predictors for women drivers….Stay Metrics administers an annual driver survey on behalf of motor carrier clients and monitors whether drivers leave or stay […]

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Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ)

Load One, P&S Transportation convert to Stay Metrics driver training

published on March 22, 2017

Stay Metrics today announced that Load One, LLC, and P&S Transportation have chosen its online safety training platform and content to engage their drivers with a more effective and rewarding learning experience. Stay Metrics offers the Drive Safe library of online safety training modules to motor carriers as part of its privately branded driver rewards, […]

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Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ)

Predicting driver turnover: the model sends a message

published on February 22, 2017

Predictive analytics have become part of our daily routine. Many of our online activities are tracked and fed through computer models and algorithms that learn our behaviors and make recommendations on what to read, watch or buy. In the trucking industry, predictive analytics are being applied to common challenges like driver turnover. Powerful data models can find […]

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Transport Topics (ITECH supplement February/March 2017)

Drive for the Prize

published on February 6, 2017

As the trucking industry continues to grapple with high driver turnover, some carriers are turning to performance-based rewards and technology-enabled “gamification” programs to increase driver retention and boost engagement….(R)eceiving recognition for a job well done “ties into our human need for positive affirmation,” said Tim Hindes, CEO at Stay Metrics, which offers rewards and a […]

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Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ)

Tech helps fleets lower risk with immediate driver feedback, training

published on January 5, 2017

One the hottest trends in fleet technology is the automation of driver risk management. CJ has recently covered a number of technologies that give drivers real-time feedback and coaching in the cab for behaviors their employers consider risky or wasteful…. Luma got its start in trucking by developing a suite of driver training modules for safety, health and wellness […]

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IFDA Online

DSC Takeaway: Driver Engagement Key to Increasing “Right Retention”

published on December 16, 2016

During a workshop at the recent IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference, Mary Malone, director of engagement at Stay Metrics, provided insights on how to identify and correct causes of driver turnover. Her company teamed up with researchers in behavioral psychology, management, and organizational culture to create a rewards and recognition platform. The program uses research and […]

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Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ)

Stay Metrics research shows root causes of early driver turnover

published on December 16, 2017

Within the first 90 days of starting a job, 33 percent of drivers will leave their carriers and an additional 22 percent will quit within 180 days. The main reasons why drivers leave in the first 90 days are a lack of industry experience, mismatched job expectations — particularly with respect to home time — and […]

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