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Heavy Vehicles

Want happy drivers? Employ women

published on November 14, 2018

[…] U.S. based transport industry analysts, Stay Metrics, has found female truck drivers are more often more satisfied in their jobs than male counterparts. They’re not as bored either, and they are also more likely to feel fairly compensated and satisfied with their home time. And women truck drivers are also a lot more likely […]

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The Trucker

Stay Metrics Study Attributes Job Satisfaction, Turnover Intent to Gender

published on November 13, 2018

[…] For the second straight year, motor carriers have ranked the shortage of qualified drivers as their top concern in the American Transportation Research Institute’s annual Top Industry Issues report. Driver retention is at No. 3. Stay Metrics assesses driver opinions and satisfaction levels on a wide range of areas that correlate with driver retention. […]

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Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ)

Stay Metrics research: women drivers less likely to leave their carriers

published on November 13, 2018

[…] Using its research database, Stay Metrics analyzed responses from nearly 16,000 drivers who completed the survey from January 1, 2017, to July 31, 2018. The study found these key differences between male and female drivers’ responses: Job Satisfaction. Female drivers tend to be more satisfied in most areas with their carriers. Women feel less […]

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Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ)

Stay Metrics promotes 5 women to new leadership roles

published on November 1, 2018

Stay Metrics, a provider of evidence-based driver feedback, engagement, training, and retention solutions for the transportation industry, has promoted five women employees to new leadership roles. Since its founding in 2012, Stay Metrics says it has been a strong proponent of advancing professional women in the trucking industry at all levels. […]

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Growing Shortage of Drivers Remains Top Trucking Industry Concern

published on October 29, 2018

A shortage of drivers is the top trucking concern, overtaking how many hours truckers can drive in a day, according to an industry trade group […] Attrition among large for-hire trucking firms hit 98 percent earlier this year, said Tim Hindes, chief executive of Stay Metrics, which works with trucking companies on driver-retention strategies. “There […]

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Where have all the drivers gone?

published on October 26, 2018

Now about that truck driver shortage: is there one? Yes? Then how did it happen, and how do you stop it, or at least mitigate it? Mapping out what’s brought things to this point and what carriers need to do now if they want to keep their seats filled is Tim Hindes, founder and CEO […]

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Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ)

New Stay Metrics reporting predicts early-stage driver turnover

published on October 4, 2018

Stay Metrics, a provider of evidence-based driver feedback, engagement, training and retention technology and services, has released the latest version of its client-facing web portal with new reporting tools that give motor carriers insights to prevent early driver turnover. […] The report shows driver responses to a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question and the average […]

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Inside Indiana Business

Stay Metrics Fills VP of Tech Position

published on October 28, 2018

South Bend-based Stay Metrics, provider of evidence-based driver feedback, engagement, training and retention solutions for the transportation industry, has named Jeff Geitz to the newly-created position of vice president of technology. […] Geitz will oversee upgrades to IT infrastructure and technologies that will enhance the user experience of motor carriers and drivers with products that include […]

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Fleet Owner

Fleets upping, getting creative with driver pay

published on September 18, 2018

[…] There’s been an upward, or more appropriately, downward slide with driver turnover rising higher among large carriers, according to the American Trucking Assns. ATA reported a turnover rate of 94% in the first quarter of 2018, up 20% from the same time a year earlier. “The market is changing,” Stay Metrics’ (CEO, Tim) Hindes […]

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Truck West

Put me in, coach

published on September 11, 2018

[..] Recognizing, rewarding, and listening to your drivers is the best way to keep them from walking out the door. Tim Hindes, co-founder and CEO of Stay Metrics, is a big believer in this mantra, saying it could make a significant difference in a carrier’s driver retention efforts. “Reward your drivers more than you ever did […]

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