Brady Trucking Success Metrics

Find out how Brady Trucking reduced turnover by 31% while growing its fleet by 48% in just one year! Brady Trucking is committed to being a leader in retention, and Stay Metrics is doing all it can to help Brady meet this goal. Read out about this partnership and Brady’s unique approach and willingness to […]

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Liquid Trucking Success Metrics

Our Success Metrics series continues with Liquid Trucking and their success in improving across the board and innovating new technology as they reduce turnover and improve driver satisfaction. Find out how Liquid Trucking sets itself up to attract and retain the type of talent they are looking for: the most capable professional drivers in the world. After […]

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Load One Success Metrics

The first in our series of Success Metrics case studies, Load One’s story is one of continued growth and increased retention. Find out how Load One sets itself apart in retention. CEO John Elliott is committed to respecting Load One’s drivers, employees, and customers personally, and professionally. Load One needed to reduce the amount spent on recruiting […]

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When It Comes to Driver Turnover and Job Satisfaction, Is There a Gender Difference?

Get our research paper on how male and female drivers think differently about turnover and job satisfaction according to our Annual Driver Survey results. Click here to download the paper now.

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Is Early Turnover Damaging the Business? How and What Can We Do to Stop It?

Read our full report on early driver turnover and the factors that influence it. Stay Metrics has worked with more than 100 trucking companies to solve human resource issues and collected data from over 62,000 drivers. Ongoing research by the company shows more than 70 percent of driver turnover occurs within the first year of […]

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Should We Sound the Alarm for the Experienced Driver?

A team led by Stay Metrics Director of Research, Timothy Judge, PhD, recently examined a large sample of driver survey responses and data from carriers in 2016 and 2017, correlating the professional experience of drivers with pay satisfaction and turnover decisions. “At Stay Metrics, we endeavor to take a scientific approach to answer important questions […]

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