Using rewards to influence driver attitudes towards pay

Given the current environment, many carriers are exploring new strategies to use their rewards programs to differentiate their companies in the minds of drivers.

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Driver Turnover in 2018: Flight attendants, “Please take your seats”

Driver Turnover

That’s not something any of us care to hear, but occasionally turbulence gets intense. Similarly, by most reports, driver turnover is already showing signs of intensifying and we are just a week into 2018. In a recent meeting with a large carrier, the executive team spoke of attending an investor conference where the talk focused […]

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The winds have changed: set your sails to retain drivers

A storm has gathered in the trucking industry. A freight recession that began in 2015 and continued through 2016, led to historic lows in driver turnover in the fourth quarter of last year. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) reported Q4 turnover at large fleets fell to 71 percent and to 64 percent for small fleets […]

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Successfully onboard: new tools help carriers with driver socialization

driver socialization

Our research shows that drivers with a low satisfaction with their dispatcher — an interchangeable term with driver manager — leave at a 72.3 percent rate in the first three months on the job. Meanwhile, drivers with high dispatcher satisfaction leave at a 27.7 percent rate in the same time.

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Driver Appreciation Week – a thank you from our team!

driver appreciation

During this year’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Sept. 10 through Sept. 16, fleets across the nation will be going the extra mile to recognize the work of professional truck drivers. Outside the trucking industry, most people will go on as normal, unaware of this annual event. Yet everyone reaps the benefits from the 3.5 […]

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Use survey feedback to prevent early driver turnover

During orientation training meetings, your new driver will call or text home and be asked a few questions:  “How do you like your new job? Is it what you expected? Tell me all about it.” Moment of truth This is a critical moment of truth for a driver’s career with that company. Orientation is barely underway […]

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Must the trucking industry return to 100% turnover?

100% turnover

In the fourth quarter of 2016, driver turnover fell by double digits to historically low annualized rates of 71 percent for large truckload fleets and 64 percent for small fleets. The American Trucking Associations attributed the decline to a slow freight market. While the economy certainly was a factor, must we assume turnover will rise to […]

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The importance of recognition for drivers (and, really, for all of us)


Starting in the early 1990s, Gallup and other research firms began reporting a new top reason why people leave their jobs. It wasn’t for the pay but for the lack of recognition. During this time I was a young manager in my early 30s. While attending a conference one day I heard a retired Army […]

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Predictive analytics and driver turnover: A tool to improve retention

predictive analytics

Predictive analytics are among us. Data of all kinds is being run through computer models that apply advanced statistics and algorithms to identify significant, and repeatable, patterns. In finance, healthcare, insurance, trucking and many other industries, predictive analytics is used by businesses to solve difficult challenges. On a more personal level, it is helping people […]

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Getting your new drivers up to speed

Anyone who commutes on the interstate is probably aware the trucking industry has job opportunities. “We are hiring” is the standard decal on the trailers of fleets, it seems. The reason why people choose to start or change their careers to be a professional driver is easy to understand. Few other careers offer the chance […]

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