Communicate and Measure

Drivers will check in often to your “gold rewards” program, because each driver wants to check point-total progress toward their goals. Each has a personal scorecard web page – a platform for you to communicate directly with them. Company news, extra bonus point games and quizzes (we’ll help you create them!) – you can really connect and build truck driver satisfaction, and the corporate culture.

Gold Rewards let you conduct safety quizzes to remind and reward those important values. Or maybe you feel its important to reduce idling time. Or logbook completeness. Or knowledge of company goals. Positive reinforcement – with prize points!

Our Surveys let you measure truck driver satisfaction in your fleet, and compared to drivers in all Stay Metrics carriers. Learn how you stack up against competitors.

Our surveys let you predict dissatisfaction. Predictive modeling techniques show you which drivers are at risk of leaving – and why. It gives you clear direction to resolve negative issues before they happen. A healthy driver-centric corporate culture where drivers feel appreciated promotes longevity behind the wheel. You can even predict the factors to emphasize when recruiting the best drivers away from other fleets.

Does it work? Yes, it certainly does. Fleets who participate in Stay Metrics programs have had measurable improvements in the first 90 days – some in the first 30 days! Call us and ask for a demo to see how you can grow truck driver satisfaction or focus on specific performance goals. A gold rewards program will pay for itself many times over.