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  • Drivers can work toward 4,000 different rewards: big screen TVs, iPads, Kindles, kitchen appliances and more.

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Stay Metrics has helped us on two levels ; their Drive for Gold program has incentivized desired
 driver behaviors by allowing the driver to redeem points for quality merchandise. Second , they 
have provided us much needed statistical information which allows us to manage our driver 
relationships. The results of the surveys validated some things we already thought to be reality 
but we also discovered some eye opening things that really surprised us. It’s all about information 
and Stay Metrics provides just that. Jim Wood President of Maverick Express
Tim’s experience as a former dispatcher and driver on the front lines and as a successful entrepreneur was obvious. His presentation of StayMetrics data-driven insights and real-world solutions was grounded in the challenges our carriers face and tied to directly and measurably improving recruiting and retention strategies. I believe all attendees came away with a renewed commitment to successful recruitment and retention programs. Success is not only in the details, it’s in the correct details—those discovered in meaningful, actionable data and driven by metrics. Sarah Sheets Arkansas Trucking Association
The Drive for Gold program has brought continued focus to our existing safety and driver appreciation programs. Although, we are early in the program, we are seeing very positive signs of driver participation and engagement (both in registrations and rewards redemptions). We feel the program offers a very fair and transparent opportunity to our most valued assets, our drivers and we look forward to continued engagement. The support offered by Stay Metrics for the on boarding process has been critical and they continue to show their flexibility to go above and beyond the customer’s expectation to meet their needs and also embrace product improvements. Scott Schell President of P&S Transportation
Our experience to date has been GREAT! We have seen an increase in our retention numbers in a very short period of time. Now we already had pretty good numbers and this is one more tool in the toolbox, but it is one I do not think I would do with out. The support staff has been really good to work with and the amount of work for us as a company has not been substantial. John Elliott CEO of Load One

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